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Below you'll find previews to my contemporary and traditional acts.
As an artist of broad variety, you can book my performances for all kinds of variety and circus productions, as well as festivals and corporate events.

Being an experienced professional, I am always ready to adjust my acts and implement character work in accordance with your production's special requirements. I'm also happy to collaborate on new acts and shows to make the most of every individual performance.

For further details and information, please feel free to contact me through any of my social media sites or use the contact form below.



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Duration : 5.13 mins

Hoops are her weapon.

This powerful Hula Hoop performance, by none other than the fierce Gwenadou, embodies Tarantino's yellow masterpiece: Kill Bill.

Quick Changes not only in her mood, her looks seem to change with the wink of a lash.

This exciting, upbeat and almost dangerous act is a visual feast. Packed with exceptional skill and elegance, KB leaves you starving for more.