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Meet the Artist

Gwenadou Portrait

Gwenadou was born in 1996 into a circus Family. Growing up backstage and on tour she fell in love with the performative arts and the glamorous memories captured in the galleries of the Cabarets. At a young age she discovered her love for performing and Hula Hoop. 

Along her love for vintage fashion and artistry she creates a unique mix between the performing arts of circus and story telling. She will take you on a jurney through time and long lost glamour of movies and actors like Vera Ellen, Sophia Loren and Fred Astaire. 

Constantly creating new outlets for all the inspiration drawn from movies and especially the visual design/costume fashion. 


At the age of 15 she started coaching children in acrobatics and Hula Hoop, covering all ages and levesl. Until today she continues to teach in different circus establishments, combining fun and discipline for everybody involved. 


Even though the love of Hula Hoop is as strong as it's ever been, Gwenadou is working on refining other disciplines as well to offer a broader variety and artistic flexibility. Aerial Straps and Handstands are both works in progress and will be documented on this website.
That way you can follow her creation process and get to see and book the acts as soon as they are out.

Gwenadou Schroeck/LeLoeck

Performance Artist

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